Will pay to have two parts made

Alright, I’ve spent about 7 hours trying to build a simple power resistor in Inkscape, watching all the tutorials etc. and finally gave up. I just don’t have time to keep doing that. Can someone build two parts for me? I’ll pay a reasonable price for your time. Even better, I’ll pay for you to video capture your screen while you do it so I can learn from it. I just need a simple 10W power resistor and a special skinny relay. I can send you the datasheets, etc. I need to get these PCB’s fabbed asap and time is money. My email is silentelectrics@earthlink.net.


Post pointers to the web site with the data sheet for the parts with dimensions and connectors and I’ll make them. These two tutorials apply to the current Fritzing version (most others are for older versions) although parts making is not simple (nor well documented.)

The schematic Inkscape plugin is the easiest way to make schematics these days (and haven’t yet been added to the tutorial.)


Assuming this will do for your power resistor that one is dead easy.


Assuming the NTE resistors, this should do what you want

Cement-Power-Resistor-10-Watt.fzpz (3.7 KB)


Hi Peter, thank you for the links. I’ll follow them when I’ve got some time. I really do want to learn how to use this software because I do a lot with Arduino. But I’ve got customers waiting right now so I’ve got to get these parts done like yesterday and I’ve got other things I’m behind on. If you could help that would be awesome.

The resistor part you did works great, thank you. I tried uploading the PDF datasheets of the other 2 parts but this forum wouldn’t allow it, so I’ve taken jpg screenshots. As I was going through my schematic I realized there was one more part I should verify.

Hopefully these uploads go through.


It will let you add the url to the data sheet which is what is usually done like this:


Here is a relay part. I`ll look at the last one tomorrow (I have some feeling I may have already made one of these for someone, if not it is easy.)

te-slimline-pcb-relay-pcn.fzpz (6.2 KB)


The relay is perfect, thank you!

And the last one. Here silkscreen in pcb has the blade so you can tell where you need to leave clearance for the connector.

edit: Corrected pin spacing in pcb! You can now connect to either terminal.

keystone-4966-pc-quick-fit-terminal.fzpz (33.5 KB)

As to making parts, it is a complex process with many poorly or totally undocumented gotchas. The only way I know to do it is try and make parts (using the tutorials) and ask questions here when you run in to problems. We are always happy to help people make new parts. FritzingCheckPart.py will check over your part (and correct some issues with svg editors that Fritzing doesn’t like) and is thus a good place to start. It is in my tutorial.


Hi Peter,
Excellent, thank you for that. Name your price and I can reimburse you through Paypal. You can email me to discuss.


Free. Charging is too much hassle and causes tax problems, and I’m retired and thus get to do what I please :slight_smile: , which for the last 5 or 6 years has been Fritzing. Making parts is far easier than development (at least for me!)


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Awesome, thanks Peter!

Hi Peter, I was checking this connector terminal part before doing the routing. It looks like the holes are 0.1" apart (center to center) instead of 0.2" as the datasheet shows. Could you adjust that if it’s not too much trouble? One day I’ll treat you to a nice dinner. :wink:


You are correct, pcb is not spaced correctly. I just replaced the part with a corrected one, and now you can connect to either terminal as well. Sorry about that!


Thank you! Boards have been ordered.