Fritzing PART CREATION Video Tutorial Series

Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter5 - PCB View

Drawing for PCB view, and checking outputs.

Note : The contact pad size used in this video is an example, use the applicable size for your application.

0:00 Overview
1:27 XML group format for PCB view
2:55 Correcting svg drawn with Adobe Illustrator
3:39 Unknown XML groups
3:51 SMD XML group format
4:20 Separate XML groups
4:22 Duplicated pads in both copper groups
4:49 Holes in PCB
5:31 Correct XML group format
5:52 Making an IC from scratch - Drawing
19:09 Making a hole in PCB
20:45 Add svg to part in Fritzing
21:04 Assign pins
21:48 Export gerber
22:06 Checking gerber with Gerbv
22:59 Checking dimensions in Gerbv
23:33 Check drill.txt file
24:44 Notes

Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter5.5 - PCB View Addendum

Addendum that covers pin contact size, Fritzing Edit problem, and auto pin assignment in Fritzing.

The generic IC in CORE bin didn’t like the PCB svg, which is odd because I’ve made part views from scratch and there hasn’t been any problems, so I’ve supplied a work around by using another DIP16 part which works fine.

0:00 Overview
0:11 Correction to the correct THT hole size
0:34 Generic IC was faulty, so redoing it with a good IC
2:45 Auto pin allocation - using “pin” auto assignment

Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter6 - Schematic View

It’s rare that you’ll have to make a schematic part from scratch, as they are so generic you could just use one from another part, but there are lots of tips in the video for things to look out for.

0:00 Overview
0:16 Making a SCH part from scratch
0:41 Drawing part with Inkscape
4:48 Load new SCH svg to part
5:36 Assign pins
6:02 Fritzing crash - my Fritzing doesn’t crash if you edit a part on a blank Fritzing
6:26 Resume after restart
6:34 Auto assign pins in Inkscape
7:45 Load new SCH svg to part
8:07 Assign pin end with compass points
9:13 Add text in Inkscape
9:20 Reset “Child” of “Parent”
10:03 Fonts - templates download - font setup
11:10 Adding text
13:56 Grouping - “transform” problems can be fixed by ungroup then group
14:52 Load new SCH svg to part
15:07 Fix font size by removing px in XML with Wordpad
16:34 Checking part - assign pins
17:10 Problems - not snapping to grid - pin colour indicator - pin tip box
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Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter7 - Breadboard View

0:00 Overview of part drawing
0:45 Real world parts, Vs artificial parts
2:53 Drawing part with Inkscape
17:15 Add text in Inkscape - convert text to path
18:25 Auto assign pins in Inkscape
20:23 Load new BB view svg to part
20:58 Crash
21:21 Test part in Fritzing
21:39 Quick overview of modifying LED with bendable legs

Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter8 - Metadata

0:00 Overview
0:05 Icon
0:38 Metadata and effect in Inspector
5:11 Connectors
6:42 Metadata Family
8:35 Full part check - connection, drill, gerber check

Fritzing Part Creation - Chapter9 - Using Photo and PDF for Parts

Generally not recommended, except for one-off parts.

0:00 Overview
0:20 Photo to part using Inkscape
1:44 Import into Inkscape
2:25 Trace to bitmap
4:05 Manipulate object
5:46 Adding connector pins
11:25 Load new BB view svg to part
12:22 Assign pins
13:46 Checking part
14:16 Other views
15:12 Photo Vs drawing part - photo part problems
16:32 PCB Module example
18:25 2nd PCB Module example
20:06 Special PDF to drawing using Inkscape

My high speed part mod video.

Note : It’s quicker to get an individual svg by right-click/Edit the part and File/Show in Folder.

Extra instructional videos

Making a custom PCB shape

Extra instructional videos

EagleCAD to Fritzing part

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Using Fritzing - Advanced Tips & Tricks - pt1
Breadboard View

0:00 Intro
0:18 Inspector doesn’t work
0:38 Search bar
1:17 Getting parts from sketch
1:38 Loading parts into Bin
1:49 Pin indicator colours
2:14 Wire doesn’t connect in Breadboard view
2:37 Fritzing BB view Vs Real world
3:32 Special items for BB view
4:41 Part Labels and fudging a part quickly
5:22 Manipulating parts and their connections
5:49 Curved wires
6:03 Orienteering parts
6:09 Selecting parts
6:29 Wire colour
6:36 Changing view
6:50 Laying out BBs
7:06 Snapping to grid

Using Fritzing - Advanced Tips & Tricks - pt2
Schematic View

0:00 Intro
0:06 Beginner mistakes - Junctions and manipulating lines
2:24 No 4 point junctions
2:50 Pins don’t auto connect
3:16 Special items for SCH view
3:53 SCH layout protocols
4:27 Selecting parts
4:35 Live connected views
6:30 Solid connections Vs ratsnest lines
8:12 Fritzing views

Using Fritzing - Advanced Tips & Tricks - pt3
PCB View

0:00 Intro
0:38 Parts don’t fit
1:14 Drawing traces - selecting sides
1:59 Trace width
2:30 PCB modern trace practises
2:42 Drawing traces - shortcut keys
3:39 Moving parts
4:36 PCB layout tips
5:31 Laying out trace tips
5:59 Special PCB items
7:53 Ground Fill - Copper Fill Vs Ground Fill
9:59 Autorouter
10:51 Extra special items
11:03 Dimension tips
11:55 PCB Sticky
12:05 Track width calc and 2 size trace
12:26 DRC Design Rules Check
13:24 Checking your PCB - Gerbers
14:31 Export options
14:48 References
15:00 Special functions

Using Fritzing - Advanced Tips & Tricks - pt4

Parts & Fritzing Editor
0:00 Intro
0:58 Help finding a part
1:17 Searching for parts
4:04 Fritzing Part Editor
4:18 Fritzing usage
4:35 PCB footprint - swapping svg’s
6:04 PCB footprint - editing svg’s
6:12 Breadboard graphics
6:37 Drawing basics
6:45 SCH view part - basics
7:23 PCB view parts - basics
8:32 BB view parts - basics
9:06 Tutorials
9:31 EagleCAD to Fritzing

Making Fritzing Parts Fast #1 - Breadboard pt1

0:00 Intro
0:41 Making breadboard view svg drawing
0:43 Setup Inkscape
1:39 Drawing PCB
2:14 Getting connector pin svg from Fritzing part
3:15 Modifying Fritzing part connector pin svg
5:01 Connector pin assign methods
5:44 Adding 2nd connector pin set and grouping
6:39 Assign connector pin using XML ID name
7:02 Paste and position connector pins into breadboard svg
7:40 Adding mount pins
7:52 Preliminary svg test in Fritzing
8:39 Bringing svg into Fritzing part with Part Editor
9:02 Checking pin assignment
9:25 Finishing connector pin assignment in Inkscape
9:36 Quicker bulk connector pin assignment in Inkscape

Making Fritzing Parts Fast 2 - Breadboard pt2

0:00 Intro
0:21 Getting components off the Fritzing part svg using Inkscape
1:37 Modifying components and positioning them
2:36 Making simple components
4:09 Getting logos
4:47 Text
4:58 Text method #1, and manipulating text
7:29 Duplicating and moving text
8:13 Editing text words
8:32 Duplicating and moving text groups
9:20 Text method #2
9:57 Re-order XML table, make breadboard group,
10:16 Resize page to drawing
10:34 Text method #1 - XML code correction, ie, removing “px”
11:35 Saving your svg
11:42 Loading your svg to a Fritzing part, and checking it
12:05 Setting wire anchor point
12:28 Assigning pins manually in Fritzing edit
13:03 No Inkscape pin id, so pins can be assigned in Fritzing
13:27 Adding more pins in Fritzing Edit
13:35 Internal part connections
13:48 Changing part icon
13:52 Saving as new part
14:19 Testing your part in sketch

Making Fritzing Parts Fast 3 - Schematic

0:00 Intro
1:01 Setup Inkscape
1:31 Drawing the schematic from scratch
3:08 Resize page Method #1
4:19 Resize page Method #2
4:30 Misaligned pin snap Inkscape “transform” problem, and correction
5:32 Drawing to Fritzing standard
6:20 Pin assignment method #1 - Fzitzing Edit pin assignment
7:33 Pin assignment method #1 - Drawing tip
7:53 Pin assignment method #2,3,4 - Inkscape pin assignment
8:55 Text
9:45 Correcting the text “px” problem in the XML code
10:02 Making non important label text
11:02 Loading the schematic drawing into a part and testing it
11:50 Super fast simple schematic drawing

Making Fritzing Parts Fast 4 - PCB pt1

0:00 Intro
0:41 Fritzing drawing rules - Groups
2:31 Drawing PCB svg - Inkscape setup
3:13 Drawing PCB svg - Shortcut method 1
4:04 Getting connector pin svg from Fritzing
4:27 Modifying connector svg to paste into PCB svg
7:30 Inkscape Transform problem
8:48 Adding connector svg into PCB svg
10:19 Fixing the XML for the svg
11:06 Adding non working support pins
11:36 Checking dimensions using the ruler
11:47 Adding text
13:28 Removing the “px” in the text code
13:43 Adding the PCB to a Fritzing part

Making Fritzing Parts Fast pt5 - PCB pt2

0:00 Intro
0:03 Fast PCB method #2 and #3
0:45 Manual drawing - ring pads
2:26 Custom pads - square pads
3:33 Custom pads - oval pads
3:59 testing custom pads
5:48 Plain drill holes
7:46 SMD pads
11:32 Positioning pads
14:20 Silkscreen extras
14:52 Making Fritzing part

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