TDS Meter Part Fritzing

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for this part

Here is the pictur

Thanks in advance

A google search for “fritzing part tds meter” turns up

which looks like what you want. There is also a Atlas Scientific version it appears.


see if it can help in your case … (only for designing)
TDS.fzpz (8.7 KB)

Not an overly useful part. There is no indication (such as a web site) of which tds meter it is supposed to be (there are several available but I don’t see one that matches this.) Breadboard has poor font sizes and pins that don’t align to the 0.1in grid. The family is left at Generic IC and thus Inspector will replace the part with another IC if clicked (and it will probably be hard to get back to what you had from there.)

schematic lacks terminalIds so the wires connect to the center of the pin instead of the end

and pcb is left at a generic IC instead of being either suppressed as not useful or with a silkscreen that defines the outline of the board (in case you wanted to mount it on a pcb.)

These two tutorials on making parts may help

Much the same issues in your relay part as this one. There are also existing relay modules available.