Need Help Make File Fzpz for TDS meter v.1 module pls

guys, i need help.
i have project use tds meter v 1 module.
but when i search file fzpz , i cant found it.
maybe someone know where i can find it?

thanks you so much before.

How are you planning to use the sensor in Fritzing?

It appears that the sensor presents externally as an analog voltage. With the example shown, it acts the same as potentiometer. As far as the circuit (schematic) goes, that would be an accurate representation. There are no pins on the board that would connect directly to a pcb. Connections to it, both for the probe, and for measurements, are through cables. Which means no pcb view is really needed. The same for breadboard view. It is just 3 wires, power, ground, and sense, leading off the project. Again, a potentiometer would simulate that well. Or any 3 terminal analog sensor. One of the temperature sensors would work. Just change labels to what works for your project.

Try this one: