SVG files for schematic - scaling

Hi, I’ve got a SVG file for a schematic for a part I’m working on, the file is created manually for sanity as Inkscape was annoying me - however inscape will load it fine.

the Fritzing part editor will also load it, but its miniscule, I’ve had a look in the template but cannot see the correct incantation to add to adjust the scaling - if zooming in its all there just fine, just small.

what do I need to add to get it right? the items in the file are all spaced in inches, the text point sizes are set etc just… on screen too small to be usable

now have the scaling sorted… however now all the graphics do not show - the image works fine in inkscape or a browser, but guessing there needs to be some specific grouping to get things to work - have tried to copy the template but nothing. file as it is attached
PB06-B RGB Schematic

Your svg is missing the viewbox. Easiest solution is to use Randy’s fritzing schematic extension for Inkscape available here:

like this (starting from your svg)

note there is no viewbox just the height and width. Fritzing requires the viewbox.

delete your schematic and start the extension set the size and label

then specify the number of connections on each side

Set the pin labels

then the next set of labels

then press finished and it creates the schematic with the correct pin spacing colors svg scale and viewbox (circled in green.) Because it doesn’t do spaces in pins I made it over size and now need to ungroup schematic and move the pins

resize the image and regroup it and save as plain svg and we are done.

And this svg should work for you


(right click on it and select save image as to get the svg!)


Excellent, manually added the viewbox and now it works… trying to avoid Inkscape, partly because its way easier to manage size placements manually more than a mouse and because I’ve had some odd behaviour with copy & paste a few times - these files are trivial to do by hand once you have the baseline working.

presumably the viewbox needed for the PCB and breadboard view also - speaking of which is the breadboard view actually needed? the component in question is not breadboard compatible due to the pin size & spacing. could probably fake something but its not a view I use

serious thumbs up :slight_smile:

It is possible to suppress breadboard view, but usually not worth it. Your best bet is to copy the pcb svg in to breadboard (which will provide the necessary connector definitions to keep Fritzing happy) then just ignore breadboard. These two tutorial apply to current versions of Fritzing if you haven’t seen them. I don’t think I covered suppressing breadboard, but Old_grey may have.


sorted cheers, did actually make a breakout board for these in EasyEDA (as it had the components defined, though with an error making them hard to use) probably not too hard to define it.

one of lifes problems, no matter what software you use there is always at least one component missing :slight_smile:

will keep fiddling, for example the size of this is wrong (too large) for what it is, was just a first bash at sizing it