Resizing schematic view breaks breadboard view


I tried to resize the solenoid valve part because the schematic view was too big. When resizing, the breadboard view breaks for some reason.
Could someone verify if this happens when you try to resize it?

Valve: Plastic Solenoid Valve.fzpz (13.8 KB)

How did you try and resize it? You need to modify the schematic svg (correctly) to do so. The part listed appears to work correctly, you would need to upload the modified part before we could tell you what is wrong with it.


Hey Peter,

So to resize it:

  1. right click Edit on the part.
  2. clicked on “schematic”
  3. file → load image for view
  4. opened the SVG file in Inkscape
  5. I downsized it
  6. opened the file in Fritzing
  7. file → save
  8. gave file a name prefix

Then, it messes up the breadboard schematic.
Plastic Solenoid Valve.fzpz (14.4 KB)

Thank you!

There are a number of problems (mostly in the original part!) The svgs are dimensioned in px (probably at 72DPI) which if edited via current Inkscape will be the incorrect scale (because current Inkscape is 96DPI.) After that the internals of the part are also not correct. The breadboard svg got modified somehow between the original part

and your new part

that may be parts editor objecting to svg elements it doesn’t understand. To fix this I started with the original part and corrected all the problems (and created a new schematic entirely) which results in this part, which is now correct:

Plastic Solenoid Valve-fixed.fzpz (9.1 KB)

which looks like this:

Most (perhaps all) of what I did is described in this parts making tutorial

it along with this set of videos applies to the current versions of Fritzing

schematic was made with this Inkscape extension:


Hey Peter,

Thank you for your information and the edited part. I’ll take a look into these tutorials so I can do these things myself in the future.

Kind regards,