Quick Basic Blackbox creation

First post, be gentle.
I’m just learning Fritzing and like many I need parts that I cannot find.
However, the parts that I need can easily be represented by blackboxes, just a box with a label and marked leads. This is acceptable because the people who need to read my schematic are already familiar with those parts.
Later on I will go through the more time consuming process of creating the actual parts by editing other parts, but for now what’s the quickest way to make blackboxes, please?

Also, is this a good guide for making new parts?
Fritzing - Creating Your Own Parts : 17 Steps - Instructables

The generic IC (which is unfortunately broken in Fritzing 0.9.7, so I’d stick to 0.9.6 for now.) Drag the generic IC in to the sketch and in Inspector (the lower right window) you can set the number of pins (this part is broken in 0.9.7!) Then you can edit the labels on the pins (which has some positioning issues sometimes.) First drag the generic IC in to the sketch:

then change the number of pins from 8 (the default) to 10. Then edit the pin labels.

it looked not bad at a quick glance (I hadn’t seen it before.) These two apply to the latest Fritzing version, many of the rest are for older versions.

You may also be interested in this schematic Incscape plugin if you use Inkscape.

If you have questions or problems feel free to post (preferably with a copy of the part or sketch that is having problems uploaded.)


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Thank you Peter @vanepp.
That is a tremendously helpful reply. It covers my short and long term needs and warns me of version pitfalls.
I sure appreciate you taking the time to put that together. Now I can get my schematic out and peer reviewed today.