07/26/2011: I added the SVG file.

J’ai crée un composant Carte NUCLEO H755ZI-Q.

Je la mets à disposition des utilisateurs de Fritzing.

I have created a NUCLEO H755ZI-Q board component.

I make it available to Fritzing users.

Carte NUCLEO H755ZI-Q.fzpz (289.9 KB)

At a quick look this doesn’t appear to be a part. It lacks all connectors in breadboard and most of them in schematic. PCB looks to be perhaps an Arduino mega but doesn’t match the pictures of the NUCLEO H755ZI-Q. This set of tutorials may help you fix up the part by copying in header connector parts to get the correct connectors.

this video series also applies to the current Fritzing version (most others are for older versions and may no longer be entirely correct.)