New to Fritzing - parts repo

As I am still extremely new to Fritzing, worked a bit with EasyEDA in the past and I must say so far this is really an interesting software package. There are many parts available and even more parts in this forum but I was wondering if there maybe is a git repository where the community can deposit parts in and perhaps make pull requests etc for parts updates?

For example I was looking into Arduino Nano RP2040 and noticed that the PCB view had no information about what each connector means (or maybe I am wrong). Now I am looking into if I could potentially add this information to this part but I would also like to share this update with the community. Of course I could do a new forum post but this seems less efficient?

I noticed that the parts package is “just” a zip file? So this repository could contain all the uncompressed parts allowing easy of pull requests to include updates etc?

Maybe things are already in place and I am missing this as I am only a beginner in sketching / PCB with limited artistic skills but would love to hear more about it.

Yes the official parts repository is here:

You can make pull requests there to add parts to the core parts. You can request new parts there as well, but here in the forums is probably better.

The lack of text in pcb is intentional. To remove such text you must modify the part, without the text in the part you can add the text in the sketch without modifying the part. Nothing to stop you from making a part with the text added, it is just non standard (and thus shouldn’t be added to the core parts repo.) If you are interested in making parts these two sets of tutorials apply to the current version of Fritzing many of the others are for older versions.

schematic Inkscape plugin (very useful for making schematics!)



Unless code changes are made to allow turning the ‘optional’ pieces on and off, without needing multiple individual parts.

That would be an interesting addition as the schematics sometimes has the information.
When developing a PCB often (at least I do) would be greatly helped with the added text and of course this can be added yourself but would be very nice if high quality parts has the correct information on them.

Clarifying a little. @vanepp was talking about text on the PCB view, but you now mention schematic. The views are independent for what text shows up. The schematic view can have pin labels that do not exist on the pcb view. Also, on all views, hovering the mouse over a connection will display information about that connection. Details about that connection. That is based on what is in the part definition and is independent of the text that is built in to the part graphics on any of the views. There is also configurable part labels on each view, but that is for the whole part, not individual pins.

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