Mini-360 DC-DC Buck converter

Mini-360 DC-DC Buck converter available for ebay and other such sources. A tiny ((17mm by 11mm) buck converted module that will do around 2Amps with an adjustable output. All three views present, but pcb not yet verified (I haven’t yet got my set of these :slight_smile: ).

Mini-360 DC-DC Buck converter.fzpz (15.0 KB)



Thank you for contributing great work.


Unfortunately most of these parts are not 17x11 but 22x11mm.
Do you think you can update your part ?

Many thanks.

It is reasonably trivial to make a modified part. The existing one matches ones I bought from ebay, and in fact all the ones I looked at after typing a search for “mini 360 dc-dc” on ebay in fact show as being 17x11. If you have a pointer to the one you want I can change it easily enough. I assume you want the wider spacing on the silkscreen on pcb view (as I can’t see it mattering particularly anywhere else)?


Hi Peter,

Thx for the fast answer !

I’ve bought on on a few website the 22x17 version, here on Amazon for example :

Most websites are also selling the 22x17mm version.

I have a few pieces here, so what kind of information do you need ?


Even easier, once I saw it. This appears to be a sbx dsun module which I did a part for someone a while ago:

sbx dsun.fzpz in that thread should do you.