Mini-360 DC-DC Buck converter part request

I am newbie in Fritzing. Can anyone help or suggest me to make part of Mini-360 DC-DC Buck converter (like in the links below)

Thank you in advance.

I don’t have this exact one, but I have ones that are similar. If you can provide the dimensions I can likely adapt another part. The board outer dimensions are listed in one of the posts, but whats missing is the position of the terminals for input and output. If you take a piece of .1 perf board and provide the number of holes between pads (hopefully aligned on .1 inch centers) or alternately the length between identical edges of the holes) I’ll have a bash at it.

edit: Never mind, electrodragon has dimensions including the hole spacing.:[product-gallery]/2/


Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your reply. Actually, I bought the module from AliExpress

In this page, it provided the dimensions of the module which is identical to what you posted from ElectroDragon.
Please see image here

I believe that the Fritzing part of this module will be useful because of its low-cost and high efficiency.

They are available from all over :slight_smile: . Turns out I saw them last night while ordering more of the ±12v modules that I made the part for yesterday and ordered some. Won’t be here for a month or so but I’ll have a part when they arrive this time :slight_smile: .This is a relatively minor (if you are familiar with parts creation) modification of the ±12 module. I put it in parts submit (where eventually it may make it in to the core parts bin) in this url and you can down load it from there. If it doesn’t match the real device, please post and I’ll fix it :slight_smile: .


Thank you very much again, Peter. I’ll test it and report the result soon.