Looking for part -- RYS8830

I have all of the Gerber files for this part but can’t seem to put it all together and create a new part in Fritzing. I’m hoping someone may already have this part created. If not, I would love a little direction on how to create it from the Gerber files I do have. I also do have a Gerber viewer downloaded and have saved all of the Gerber file layers into a single SVG file. I am struggling making the rest happen.

Any help here is greatly appreciated!

Here is a link to the parts manufacturers web page. RYS8830|REYAX TECHNOLOGY


Don’t see one.

It will be fairly difficult to make a part from gerber files, they would do for the pcb svg but the format is quite different. The general way to do this is to start from a similar part (one with the same number of pins) and modify the svg files to match the new part. The necessary data is available in the data sheet pdf available on the web site listed. The following two part making tutorials may help, but it is probably easier if I make a part for you.

schematic Inkscape plugin


Hello Peter,

Thanks so much for the quick reply and the added explanation. That helps!

I would love any assistance you are willing to provide in this matter. I realize creating parts takes some effort and has a bit of a learning curve. I may have one other part that I will need to have added to Fritzing in order to complete my project as well.

I can’t seem to find this one either – REYAX RYLR998 LoRa Module.

Everything else I will need to complete my project should be in Fritzing already.

I sure do appreciate your efforts in this project!

Thank you!

This part should do for the RYS8830. As always before ordering boards print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against an actual part.

rys8830.fzpz (8.5 KB)


and here is the RYLR998 part

RYLR998.fzpz (6.9 KB)


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Thank you so much! :heart: