Help on creating pololu motor shield drv8833


I’m trying to create this as fritzing part.

Unfortunately I’m not able to select the right graphics for the connectors 9-16 in the pcb-view.

I already checked the svg xml and hope I did everything right there.

Pololu-DRV8833_db460475afdc37503aeafa0d3ea8afc1_1.fzp (9.5 KB)

A pointer on what I’m missing would be super helpful.
Thank you!

The .fzp file is only one part of the part, you need to upload the .fzpz file for the part before anyone could do anything for you…

edit: There is also already a part available here:

a google search of the form

fritzing part drv8833

is the place to start when looking for parts.


Hi Peter,
thanks for your reply. I will attach the correct file now.
Unfortunately the schematics and the PCB of the DRV8834 don’t fit perfect.

Pololu DRV 8833 Dual Motor Driver Carrier.fzpz (11.0 KB)

Maybe the part you linked to, would have been a better starting point…

OK here is a corrected part, you have a lot of things wrong. You started out from an incorrect part, it had schematic subparts (thus no schematic as yours is not properly configured.) I replaced schematic with one generated by the Inkscape extension as being easiest. The connectors should start at 0 not 1, so I corrected that. In pcb the holes were 0.035in (for an IC) rather than 0.038in for a 0.1in header. Corrected that. Ran the part through to fix up the font size problems. All these things can be found in this tutorial on part making:

schematic Inkscape plugin

which results in this part

Pololu DRV 8833 Dual Motor Driver Carrier-fixed.fzpz (10.1 KB)


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Hi Peter,

thanks again for your help.
I see it is not a good idea to start from an incorrect part.

Thank you very much for helping me out!