Fritzing part for swicher RT9080

Hi guys,

New on Fritzing and I would like to design part for RT9080 or if the part do not exist how to draw it bu knowing the dimensions?


Which pcb package do you want, the SO23 or the ZQFN-4L?

edit assuming you want the SOT23 version this part should do. Before ordering boards print the pcb footprint out at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part (the data sheet is lousy!)

RT9080.fzpz (5.0 KB)


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Hey vanepp,
I ordered this one RT9080-33GJ5, so TSOT-23.
But this get delayed (out of stock) and i made another order for TPS62842DGRR.
So I’m planning to use the TPS62842DGRR for my project for now and the other one for next time.
Thank you for the part i will try it…

What about TPS62842DGRR? do you have a part by chance?

While I can create the other footprint, there is a TI alternate with a fritzing part here:

although I don’t know if it will do in your application.


Here is the qfn part

rt9080-qfn.fzpz (5.3 KB)

I expect it is going to be hard to place and solder though. I’d try the TI sot23 one.


I took a look on both and the rt9080.fzpz looks good.
Is it a easy way to create my own part from from the dimensions? I would like to try with the TPS62842DGRR.

It isn’t particularly easy, but it is documented in these two tutorials (and more people making parts is always welcome!)

so feel free to try it and see how it goes.


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