SOT233-5 Part Need

Are there any foot print for SOT233-5 LDO?

Thank you

Punch “regulator SMD” into the search bar.

Sorry can’t find a SOT233-5 footprint datasheet to check, do you have a link to the actual dimensions.

Typing sot233-5 in to the search bar doesn’t find anything but sot23 finds a number of parts. A google search for sot233-5 finds matches for sot23-3-5 but no obvious sot233-5.


Sorry, I did not give enough info.
The part and footprint is here Click
Only ECAD footprint is provided.

While that appears to be the case mechanical drawing rather than a footprint, the data sheet for the part has the pcb footrprint in it which resulted in this part:

LP3875EMP-3.3.fzpz (7.2 KB)

As always print out the footprint at scale and check it against an actual part before ordering boards from it (and check the resulting gerber output for suprises) but I think it matches the datasheet.


Thank you very much Peter.