FC-51 Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Proximity Sensors Module

To my suprise there was no part for this common ebay module, nor for the right angle male .1 header that it uses (which was the most difficult part of this to make :slight_smile: ) so I corrected that. All three views although PCB is minimal.

edit: replaced by more correct version below.


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God bless you for making that part, I really needed it for my project. Can you upload it to github repository or shall I do it for you? :smiley:

That part was made so long ago it probably doesn’t pass Van’s standards. :slight_smile:

It could use a PCB outline.

Sure, feel free to submit this improved version @Old_Grey is correct it had a few errors). I intended to do so when I got time, but so far time hasn’t appeared …

fc-51.fzpz (21.3 KB)


Thanks! Indeed, I can see the improvements on pcb view, but breadboard can be improved a bit more :wink: I do rather want to change the background color, place both smd led on the board and copper stuff on the infrared ones like this image.

Fine by me, go for it!


It would be nice to make everything perfect, but these things change so fast it’s probably not worth the time.

I know most Arduino stuff changes a lot but this part is currently missing from fritzing-parts repository and could be great if it looked like a real one (just minor fixes away). After that, just pull-up request and wait for admins to approve it. :smiley:

@vanepp If you get time, please make a list with all the parts you have designed so far :smiley:

I asked him before but he is way too busy trying to make guides to get FZ complied on all platforms.

Here is a list from my created_parts directory. They should all be in the forums somewhere, but are probably (mostly!) not as good as current standard because many predate the creation of the parts check script. Many of them I don’t remember making, some of them may not be mine and just in the wrong directory :slight_smile: . Then there are a bunch of user submitted parts that I have fixed up over the years that aren’t in this list (and because they aren’t mine, aren’t mine to submit to core either).

1x4 Membrane Matrix Keypad.fzpz
3.2in tft touch screen.fzpz
3.5mm switching Jack.fzpz
5-channel flame detector module.fzpz
6 circuit slip ring.fzpz
12circuit slip ring.fzpz
18650 battery holder.fzpz
Ceramic Capacitor top view.fzpz
DM860A Stepper Motor Driver.fzpz
DC 3.3v-10v TO ± 12V Mini DC converter.fzpz
DC 3.3v-12v TO ± 15V Mini DC converter.fzpz
DC 5V TO ± 12V Mini DC converter.fzpz
DC 5v-12V input to ± 12V DC-DC converter.fzpz
Electrolytic Capacitor top view.fzpz
Goouuu Mini-S1 ESP8266 Nodemcu.fzpz
HSM-A43 LED Indicator.fzpz
Keyes l9110 Fan module.fzpz
Membrane Matrix Keypad_mine.fzpz
Micro Slide Potentiometer.fzpz
Mini-360 DC-DC Buck converter.fzpz
nrf24le1 larger (probably not finished as no fzpz file)
nrf24le1 small "
Pololu QTR-8 Reflectabce Sensor array.fzpz
S-350-60 Power Supply.fzpz
SMA Antenna Connector.fzpz
STEF12 fuse.fzpz
Stereo POT.fzpz
top View TO-92.fzpz
Vex Voltage regulator module_improved.fzpz
Wemos ESP-Wroom-02.fzpz
Wemos lolin32.fzpz


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If its going to Git and everyones is going to get, yes, by all means make it good. It’s about time to draw a line in that sand and make all parts good from now on.

Yes, of course it is going to be on github repository. I already got approved the next fritzing parts which you have been helping me along with vanepp:

  • Seeedstudio LinkIt One Board
  • XL4016 DC-DC Converter
  • IFR520 MOSFET module

You can check those looking at the commit log here (search for KingDarBoja).

Updated part, I just changed the breadboard view component to make it look like the real one :smiley:

fc-51_IR_Sensor.fzpz (24.9 KB)

Very nice! You are much better at the breadboard graphics than I am (usually when part of one of mine looks like this it’s because I have copied it from someone more skillful :slight_smile: ) and that’s a big help as it makes the parts look more lifelike!


Thanks :blush: Since there isn’t any mistake, I will do a pull-up request to github repository in some hours (to let you spot any problem at time).

Also, I noticed you fixed a Raspberry Pi Zero Fritzing part but the related issue isn’t closed at the repository, would be nice if the devs could clean the solved issues.

For last, I will start a new topic listing all the Fritzing parts so far with their current etiquettes so the whole community can help to fix the ones mistaken and check for the appropriate .fzb

I ran it through the parts check script and it came up clean and I didn’t see any problems that the script may not find when I looked at the svgs, so I think it’s fine.

While that is true, I suspect the issue is that all the free time he has is going in to checking (and modifying where needed) new parts to add and working on the new web based code base. That leaves little time for closing solved issues. I have similar mods for the rest of the PI parts that I haven’t yet gotten around to submitting so I can sympathize with the problem :slight_smile: .

That may be worthwhile, but the list just in core parts is very very long (the check script can be used to process the all the parts in the core directory and list their problems). It is possible that I’ll switch back to doing some more work on the check script to add some mods to make it work in the Mac and add the check for the scale as a warning and then start fixing core parts as being a useful thing to do which ever direction (current code base, new web based code base, or nothing) turns out to be the way forward. What ever happens properly made parts are going to be an advantage. That said, fixing the parts requires a good knowledge of how to fix the parts and as you have seen that isn’t that easy to aquire. While I’d love to be wrong, I don’t think we have a lot of people with that knowledge, interest and time to do the work from what I’ve seen so far. I think a good next step would be to figure out and document how the “replace an existing part with an updated one” is supposed to work (which likely will take research in to the obsolete parts bin and the source). If that was documented it may make parts update less work for el-j and free up some of his time which appears to be currently split too many ways. I figure the place to start on parts is with the most popular ones (which is why I started with the Raspberry PI series) and specifically the Zero when an update broke it. However even when I submitted it (because I didn’t and don’t yet know how to) make the old part obsolete el-j had to modify my original part to do that which burned yet more of his scarce time for Fritzing. Follwinig the PI parts I think the arduino parts (some of which have errors) should probably be the next on the list. Followed by any in the github issues list that point to core parts that are broken (usually in pcb view) of which I know a couple. I’d suggest starting your list fairly small with much used parts and see if you can find anyone interested in helping. I’m afraid my sense of it is that there aren’t going to be a lot of people with the knowledge and the time, those I know of with the knowledge usually don’t have the time but I would love to be proved wrong.


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