Arduino Portenta Breakout

Hello together,

for my MicroPython project, I would like to use the Arduino Portenta H7 with Breakout board.
I use Fritzing 1.0.0 Beta in the Linux version.
As Newbe in Fritzing, I couldn’t find this breakout board in the library.
Is there an additional source for this Breakout board?

My focus is on the connector pinouts on page 10:

No 80 Pin IF’s or camera.

Thank you.

There is some (missing the two 80 pin connectors) fritzing part here

it appears to be the H7 board only not the breakout board though, but may be able to do what you need.


Ok, Thanks for your support :+1:

If the original won’t work it is possible (but a lot of work) to make a part for the breakout. I would rather not do that work if the original will do what you need.


Hello Peter,

for the first tests will be the H7 board ok. For the planned circuit, I have to use the breakout board. Do you have a tutorial, how I can learn to create own parts in fritzing?

Yes. These two apply to current versions of Fritzing.

although as you will discover it is not easy.


This part should do what you want for the breakout board (since it seems unlikely that you would be successful in making one …)

arduino-portenta-h7-breakout.fzpz (28.6 KB)


Thank you Peter,

your support helps a lot.