VS1053 MP3 Shield

Hello, is anyone who knows this part as fritzing part?


I can’t find it.

This Sparkfun part in core parts is likely as close as there is and should do from a Fritzing point of view.

a google search of the form “fritzing part VS1053 MP3 shield” will find the other alternatives (none better.)


Hello, thanks for reply.

Afterall, I need exact same sensor as I described, I will create it then.

These two tutorials apply to current Fritzing versions. Mine is probably the most use in this case as it starts from modifying an existing part.

I lately learned there aren’t links to the videos in Old_Grey’s tutorial so you need to do a google search for the title and then they come up on YouTube.


Thank you for your help!

I have this in svg format, I still don’t know how hard is part which is next.

VS1053 MP3 Shield by Smokey.fzpz (1.1 MB)

There is my version, without PCB edited.

I hope someone use it when he needs it.

My first part due to bachelor thesis.

Your part as uploaded is broken.

Fritzing can’t find the breadboard svg because the file name is incorrect. In the .fzp file the file is set as

VS1053 MP3 Shield by Smokey_f90f73013f2c6f2ce32c1976b9fce9a7_22_breadboard.svg

but in the fzpz file (after being uncompressed) the file is

“svg.breadboard.VS1053 MP3 Shield by Smokey_f90f73013f2c6f2ce32c1976b9fce9a7_20_breadboard.svg”

which appears to be an earlier version and thus the part doesn’t load. Correcting that gets the part to load

VS1053 MP3 Shield by Smokey-fixed.fzpz (1.1 MB)

but both schematic and pcb are incorrect.

breadboard is semi OK (the pads should have a white fill, but that won’t affect operation.)

schematic has undefined connectors (thus the red rectangle)

as does pcb

as long as breadboard is all you need this part may serve. I of course don’t know if the flaws are corrected in the 22 version of the files because they aren’t included in the part.


Oh, thanks for response, on my side is Breadboard ver. functional and Schematic aswell, PCB is broken, I know.

You may want to replace the broken part with the version that works for you. You can do that by editing the post with the fzpz file in it and replacing the current version with an updated version.


Try this please, and tell me.

VS1053 MP3 Shield.fzpz (1.1 MB)

Better but still has problems.


has pins that don’t appear on the picture of the board (which I removed) and the labels don’t appear to be correct (they need fixing as I don’t know what the board actually says.)


as well the font size on the labels is to small and the colors are not correct (both fixed.) Has an incorrect bus definition that is shorting two pins together and doesn’t have a bus connection on the 3 grounds (fixed.) As well schematic svg doesn’t have terminalIds (added) and neither does the svg file (added) causing the wire to connect in the center of the pin rather than the end. Here is the corrected part


Note the labels circled in red appear to be wrong and have not been corrected. You need to figure out what they should be and correct them. The 2nd row of pads have been removed (and the text should thus probably move in a bit.)


the terminalIds make the wire connect to the end of the pin as they should and the large font size and corrected colors make the pin labels readable. PCB is the same as before (and thus is broken.) so I suppressed it to avoid the errors as it really isn’t needed. I also reused breadboard as the icon svg so there are only the breadboard and schematic svgs in this part

VS1053 MP3 Shield-corrected.fzpz (9.8 KB)