[solved] Switch parts editor to inches?

how do i use inches here:


Although I rarely use parts editor, it doesn’t look like you can. Your best bet would be to divide the in measurement by 2.54 to convert it to mm. There is a new parts editor in the works but it isn’t released yet.


Does it switch based on the units in the svg?

Also not a parts editor user.

No. It appears to use only mm no matter what the svg is set for . The easier way to do this would be to set the terminalId in the svg (which at least in Inkscape can be set to whatever units you prefer) which is what I usually do.


that’s… silly. oh well.

thanks for your answers, all.

i don’t understand the units in this program at all. even in the project pcb editor, for some reason position is in inches but size is in mm in the property pane. very weird.

Most of the time if you click on the units it will toggle between mm and in. Parts editor was new and not finished when development stopped in 2015/2016, now development has started again there is work being done on parts editor but it isn’t released yet. You may find this set of tutorials (one section of which explains why I don’t use parts editor much) of use:

unlike most of the others these two apply to the latest versions of Fritzing.


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