Rotary switch 8 positions 1 pole SR16

Name of the part
SR16 - Rotary switch 8 positions 1 pole

Previous work, similar parts
Rotary switch 12x1

Top view

Could not find a proper datasheet anywhere.
Here’s the producer’s website

I did not read this
Breakout board, sub assembly, plug in module (A)
Antenna (AE)
Battery (BT)
Capacitor (C)
Diode (D)
Display (DS)
Fuse (F)
Hardware , mounting screws, etc. (H)
Jack, fixed part of a connector pair, header (J)
Relay (K)
Inductor, Coil, Ferrite bead (L)
Loudspeaker, Buzzer (LS)
Motor (M)
Microphone (MK)
Plug, moveable part of a connector pair (P)
Transistor (Q)
Resistor (R)
Thermistor (RT)
Varistor (RV)
Switch (S)
Transformer (T)
Integrated Circuit (IC)
Crystal, Oscillator (Y)
Zender diode (Z)
Other (please specifiy)


This part should do what you want. There is a better data sheet here:

which is still poor but at least provides the pin out and a pcb recommendation.

rotary-switch-8pos-SR16A.fzpz (5.6 KB)

although the hole looks a little out of position with the 16mm circle in place it appears on the edge of the circle and is thus probably correct.

It would be best to print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part before ordering boards though.


Thank you so much!!!
How can I start to learn to design my own components?

These two tutorials cover the current version of Fritizng (although making parts is not at all easy!)

I lately learned there aren’t links to the videos in Old_Grey’s tutorial so you need to do a google search for the title and then they come up on YouTube.