Photo Interrupter

Hi All, I wonder if someone can help… I am struggling with the parts editor, sometimes it opens, sometimes it doesn’t and I can never seem to achieve what I want to… More practice needed, I think.

However, I am working on a project and I need to get it done quite quickly and I need a part. Would someone be kind enough to help me please? I need to include a photo interrupter / optical switch and any help would be seriously appreciated. I have included a photo, but if you need more information, please let me know.

photo interrupter

.These two tutorials on parts making may help (both apply to current Fritzing versions, many of the others are for older versions!)

The images are pretty much unreadable. A web site that describes the part you want would likely be a better bet.

edit: a google search for photo interrupter module turned up a likely part in the images section so here is a part that should do.

Optical-Endstop-switch.fzpz (5.5 KB)