OrangePI 3 LTS Part request

Name of the part
OrangePI 3 LTS

Previous work, similar parts
OrangePI one by RafeGF (Fritzing/Orange Pi One.fzpz at master · RafaGS/Fritzing · GitHub)

Top view

Foto or vector graphic, no links here please.

The official documentation of the part manufacture is linked here:

Please add a link to PDF of the manufacturers datasheet

Datasheet not found, this is called “user manual” and contains most of the important information (i think)

I did not read this
Breakout board, sub assembly, plug in module (A) (i think this is what it is)
Antenna (AE)
Battery (BT)
Capacitor (C)
Diode (D)
Display (DS)
Fuse (F)
Hardware , mounting screws, etc. (H)
Jack, fixed part of a connector pair, header (J)
Relay (K)
Inductor, Coil, Ferrite bead (L)
Loudspeaker, Buzzer (LS)
Motor (M)
Microphone (MK)
Plug, moveable part of a connector pair (P)
Transistor (Q)
Resistor (R)
Thermistor (RT)
Varistor (RV)
Switch (S)
Transformer (T)
Integrated Circuit (IC)
Crystal, Oscillator (Y)
Zender diode (Z)
Other (please specifiy)

I’m very new to fritzing and IOT in general, but would like to learn more about adding parts here and other topics, so if someone were to link some things for me it would be appreciated.

A part is likely to be a while, as I have a fair backload of part requests. Part making is fairly complex but we need more people making parts. These two tutorials apply to current versions of Fritzing (many of the others are for older versions.)

I lately learned there aren’t links to the videos in Old_Grey’s tutorial so you need to do a google search for the title and then they come up on YouTube.


This part should do what you want. Note pcb view is suppressed as not useful.

OrangePI-3-LTS.fzpz (52.7 KB)