OLED 128x64 I2C Monochrome Display SSD1306 created

In such a case we should make a second part that matches the other common version. Do you have a url to an example of the alternate part?


A search of Ebay turns up an even mix of both pin layouts so I have made two new parts, one for each pin out. As you noted it is necessary to make sure you have the correct part for the module you have, because using the other one (and reversing power and ground) will likely burn out your module! Note if you want mounting holes in pcb you need to drag a hole over the mounting holes in silkscreen (which will not be drilled!) and set the size of the hole appropriately. The file names contain the GND/VDD pin sequence to tell you which is which.

OLED-128x64-I2C-Monochrome-Display-GND-VDD.fzpz (6.5 KB)

OLED-128x64-I2C-Monochrome-Display-VDD-GND.fzpz (6.5 KB)