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I, ah, got here by donating money to further the development of frtizing. While I appreciate the collection of everything there, plus the items from the many vendors I buy stuff from specific vendors. That being said, I noticed that I did not see any logic parts present. These are specifically members of the Series 74 collection from TI, and others.

So? Any suggestions for tracking down entries in the regular SN7400 series? For example I use the SN7437 and the SN74LS37 parts. Also the f/f SN7472. And also odd examples from the regular line. (The full catalog is too long to cite here.)

There are three methods (more or less in order): do a google search of the form “fritzing part 7437” which will find parts someone has already made (there don’t appear to be any.) Try equivalent variations such as 74ls37, 74hc37 as well (the 74ls00 will do for a 74ls37 for instance as they have the same pinout). If that doesn’t work, then the generic IC is an option. Drag the generic IC in to a sketch, set the appropriate number of pins in Inspector and edit the pin labels to match the part. This won’t give you a logic diagram of the part, but will give you a working part relatively easily. Last and most complex is make a custom part (which is the only way to get the logic diagram.) There are tutorials on parts making in the tutorials Guides Howtos section of the forums.


I think layout depends on your TTL package style-
Whether DIP, SOIC, SSOP- if you research Fritzing library the layout (pin # specific) already exists from a different # chip w/ same dimensions- you can drag and use that footprint

I agree! Currently all of my parts lists are in DIP format both plastic bodied ones and a few in ceramic. Meanwhile what I would want is a reference to the Guides you mentioned earlier.
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These two apply to current Fritzing versions.

As a starting point here are a couple of examples.

The 74HC08 at the top is an example of a generic IC with the pin labels edited. The two 4011 parts are both custom parts, the first is single (easiest to make) the second is a subpart (harder to make) where each of the 4 elements can be moved like this

Making parts with schematic subparts is covered in one of my tutorials, I don’t think there is a video on it.