need these components



A google search of the form “fritzing part fritzing part tds meter”

turns up this which may do. If not (and in the general case a well) you would need to provide a web page preferably with mechanical drawing of the exact part you want.

the node mcu likely exists but there isn’t enough information here to identify which one it is (there are at least 3 different widths available.) Again a google search may help as may a reference to a web site that describes the particular board you want.

I have no idea what the third unit is or does so no clue without a web reference.

I lately made a 4 channel relay module here:

don’t know if it matches this one.
I believe the flow sensor is around if you do a google search.


The fourth item (the one after the NodeMCU module) is, I believe, a DIY MORE PH-4502C pH sensor module and a Fritzing part is available via this post.