2 Channel Relais Modul 12V Universal relais


Does anyone have this relay for the fritzing? Or know where can I find it?


2 Channel Relais Modul 12V

This should do what you want.

2-channel-relay-module.fzpz (19.3 KB)


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Peter, thanks a lot! It is undoubtedly what I was looking for!

Many thanks!

Hi Peter,
Any chance to have exact same module with 4 channels as well?

I do not. There is one available here (found by a google search for “fritzing part 4 Channel Relais Modul 12V”


if that won’t work I would need a web site with the details of the board you want to make one.


Hi, thanks. I will check that out later. For the info about the relay, no much detail can be found, but for sure the 2ch module could be used as a base (i guess).

Would this help on anything? I appreciate if you can help me with that. Thanks.

This should do what you want.

4-channel-relay-module.fzpz (27.4 KB)


That is perfect! Thank you so much.