LoRa Ra-01 but with ESP-12F breakout board

I got the LoRa Ra-01 Fritzing part from here
I bought the Ra-01 as a System-on-Module, breakout boards for the SMD-16 package are nowhere to be found, but the ESP-12F / ESP-12E actually use the same SMD-16 package as the Ra-01.
Can this breakout board be added to the Ra-01 file?

I expect from the number of parts you are requesting that you need to learn to make your own parts. For people that want only one or two parts it isn’t worth learning to make parts (which takes a long time) and I generally make them for them. You look to be at the point where you need to learn to make your own parts. Here are a couple of tutorials on how to do so:

both of these (unlike many of the others) apply to current versions of Fritzing. When you run it to trouble feel free to post your part and problem here and a number of us will help out. Feel free to post your finished parts here as well so others benefit from them. This (starting with the module that you listed above) is a relatively easy part to make yourself (not that that is all that easy though!)