LittleBee 20A 2-4 ESC Brushless Motor

Hey! I am looking for Electronic Speed Controller for Brushless Motor - LittleBee 20A 2-4S LIPO
Something like this:

Thanks for help!

This should do what you want.


Replace part with one that has the pwm connections added.

Littlebee-20A-ESC.fzpz (3.7 KB)


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Thanks! it is a big help for me!

Actually It is missing two connections for PWM signal and GND. If you provide me an instructions how to edit it, it would be helful

Editing it isn’t that easy, although if you want to learn to make parts these tutorials should help.

Where are the connections (the documentation is as usual non existent?) Never mind, I see where the connections are in another photo. I’ll add them and replace the part.


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