Linear Voltage regulators

Hello, does anyone have an L7809CV and L78S24CV ?

If not, would someone be able to assist in creating them?

STMicroelectronics L7809CV, 1 Linear Voltage, Voltage Regulator 1.5A, 9 V 3-Pin, TO-220 | RS (

2 A positive voltage regulator IC (


The 7805 in core parts will work for both parts. The package is to220 and has the same pin out. A note, one or more of the Sparkfun 7805 parts are in 7905 pin out (which is incorrect) so don’ t use those.


Thanks, I just noticed that there is an L78XX in the library. I will just use this and state the part above on the schematic.

The part number is usually editable in Inspector (the lower right window.)