KF-301 Relay Request

Hello to all,
looking for the fzpz file of the KF-301 module, I can’t find it, I always find the KY-019, or the KF301 connector. Also searching on google I don’t find, but I find images of schemes made with fritzing with that module as an image, someone can you help me find it please?
I can send image of the file I am looking for but as a new user do not make me attach


I attach images of which I spoke earlier

A google search for “fritzing part srd-o5” (the part number of the relay) turns up a variety of sources. Some are no longer available, but several are (there are a couple of posts here in the forum that may be suitable.) As well there is one in a project which can be obtained by going to


and right clicking to download the .fzz file. Load that in to Fritzing and in the temp parts bin is the relay part (which can be exported by right clicking on it and choosing export part.)