Inkscape Scaling

I’ve found myself going down the parts creation rabbit hole and have a million questions. First observation is, this forum and others are filled with outdated information. This is not unique to Frizting but just beware.

What’s up with having to scale Inkscape when working with breadboard, schematic and pcb SVGs?

  • Is there a current tutorial?
  • What should the scale be?
  • Are the Fritzing templates still valid?
  • Is the Inkscape scale setting saved with the SVG file?

These two tutorials apply to current versions of Fritzing:

I lately learned there aren’t links to the videos in Old_Grey’s tutorial so you need to do a google search for the title and then they come up on YouTube.

The main scaling thing to watch out for is dimensions should be in in or mm not px (as Fritzing will guess at the px conversion value and often gets it wrong especially on Inkscape.)

It is also a good idea to always run a part through as it will fix a variety of issues with Inkscape (and the other svg editors) that Fritzing objects to. My tutorial will point you at the graphics standards where the various requirements are specified. The templates are probably out of data, no one has had time or interest in updating them so far. If you have questions feel free to ask them here (preferably with uploading either the brokne svg, .fzz or .fzpz file depending on what you are working on!)


Thanks @vanepp I’ll give those a look.
For the scaling issue I was looking at this tutorial and being confused with the whole topic.

That is for use when the scale of the svg is not 0.001(which is the desirable scale for svgs as 1 px is 1/1000in.) If you need to change the scale of a random svg that is the best way to do it. It won’t make any practical difference (except match the standards) because svgs scale but I prefer to have parts meet the standards. It is referred to in the main tutorial and not necessarily meant to be used stand alone (although that will work fine.)


I need to understand more about how scaling is used with SVG files and editors for Fritzing. I’m familiar with scaling in CAD programs like TurboCad that I use for my 3D modeling when 3D printing. Scaling there is just for the output like printing or plotting. I always draw in full scale where 1 mm = 1mm or whatever units you’re using.

FYI… for anybody that has found themselves here.
This is a good discussion as well as the Inkscape Wiki on Units in Inkscape.

I expect it is fair to say that nobody knows any more why the things suggested in the parts file format (which is available at:


in this case that the viewbox should be set to 1/1000 of an inch although I see there has been an update since the original version of the parts file, are done as none of the developers that did this are with the project anymore… The scale doesn’t really affect anything, any scale will work just fine Fritzing happily adapts to whatever scale is in use. Having correct scale does help when you are creating tools that deal with svgs though (you don’t have to deal with calculating the scale for each element.)