How to combine SMD and hole?

I’m using this Lora part as SX1276 but mine have holes, in addition to the pad of SMD version i would like to use holes for headers to increase adherence when soldering.
Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 12-48-55 Screenshot from 2023-02-11 12-48-03.png (PNG Image 2560 × 1440 pixels) — Scaled (86%)

I tried to add some Pin header and make the desired shape but Fitzing do not like it when checking with “Design rule check”.
There is an option of “Through-hole” on Edit new part > Connections but not sure what it’s gonna look like.

Unfortunately Fritzing doesn’t easily support SMD and through hole in a part (it is possible, but non standard and difficult.) You can add a via in the sketch to get the hole though. Like this

Although DRC may complain about the via overlapping, that can be ignored.


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Nice approach, thanks Peter.

Hey Peter, I tried to make my own. Before to share it here i wanted to let you check quickly.
I do not know why i do not see the dots meaning hole like this:
Screenshot from 2023-02-11 20-19-27
I’m based on a IC part.

Here is the my custom part:
LoRa SX1276.fzpz (47.3 KB)

You have a number of problems, but the pcb holes are because the pins are defined as female rather than male (which is usually what they should be.) TerminalIds are missing in schematic so it doesn’t render correctly

the miso pin circled in green has a correct terminalId the wire connecting in the center of the pin (and likely the schematic being 0.05in off the grid) are caused by the lack of a terminalId. The wire will connect in the middle of the pin. Pcb looks to have a scale problem in that I assume the board should fit in 0.1in headers and it does not. It could be 2mm connectors but it looks wrong for that too.

This tutorial set may help in correcting the problems:


Oh that’s why i got errors when trying a with RDC check.
About pins i just click anywhere on the pin, i did not know does matter, and whay someone would make connection in the middle?
Anyway thanks i will try to fix.