How do you alter pin placement and spacing in parts editor?

I’m new. I admit it. You can throw rotten vegetables at me if you want.

I was able to do most of what I wanted through editing existing parts, but in some cases I need to change the pin/hole placement or spacing from what is presented in the default part. I don’t see any tools in Fritzing to edit the PCB layout of the part. Am I missing some menu somewhere? The PCB tab in the editor seems to just be a way to see the footprint of the part, but no way to edit it.


You need to use an svg editor such as Inkscape to edit the svg files. The following two tutorials apply to current versions of Fritzing.


You can not edit the part graphics in the parts editor, but you can load a new image to replace what is there. For each view. See the tutorials for some details.

Awesome, thanks Peter.