Help for schematic- and breadboardeditor


I am really “ready” after this day of fighting against this editor and its bugs or seldom behaviors.

Is there a good tutorial? Not such simple things like connecting 3 parts on a breadboard.

This editor makes what HE wants when the schematic is a little bit more than the many examples I found. Not what I will.

For example points (partconnectors from different parts) A, B, C and D are connected in a line. For example a “Reset-Line” I want to add the next part. But it is not possible to connect a Pin “E” from a new part to Pin B of the existing parts / line. It does not “snap”. Therefore, it is not possible to add this part because it is not connectable.

I often have “airlines” but all points are connected. Or all points are “blinking” when I click one of a net, but the line is not one piece. And so on. I had many errors today, and I am really frustrated.

But I want to learn the tricks and “how to”.

How can I connect a line to an existing line with a “nodepoint”? And many more questions. I want to learn this editor. Not to fight in a circle :frowning: All examples I found are really for beginners with 2 or 3 parts.

Here are two tutorial sets that apply to current versions of Fritzing (may of the others are for older versions.) When you run in to problems (note I didn’t say “if” :slight_smile: ) feel free to ask. Parts making is complex and bites without warning.

I lately learned there aren’t links to the videos in Old_Grey’s tutorial so you need to do a google search for the title and then they come up on YouTube.


Note even if you choose to use Old_grey’s videos, downloading and using will help you (or at least flag most of your errors.) It automatically corrects a number of svg editor features that Fritzing objects to.


In breadboard view, a wire will not connect to the middle of another wire. The usual way to connect multiple points together here, is to add a wire from each part connection point to one of the (connected) rows on a breadboard. Another way, is to use a single connection point terminal block, and connect wires from each of the parts to that.

On schematic view, a wire can connect to another wire, but only at a bend point. Drag somewhere in the middle of a wire to create a bend point, then connect another wire to the bend. Once connected, you can move the bend point to line the wires up. The end of the connected wire moves along. I have had issues connecting more than 3 wires that way. I just connected additional wires to different bend points.