Fritzing for DFRobot UART MP3 Voice Module

I downloaded the DFRobot library but it does not contain the drawing for their UART MP3 Voice Module (part DFR0534)

Product wiki : Voice_Module_SKU__DFR0534-DFRobot

Has anyone seen it?

There didn’t appear to be one, but it is fairly easy to make so now there is one. Before ordering boards, print the footprint out at 1:1 scale and compare it to a real part as the positions were taken from a jpg image.

dfr0534.fzpz (6.4 KB)


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Thanks Peter!! Amazing help!! I’m taking note of your suggestion. Do you have a recommended tutorial to create new drawings? (i.e. out of the tens out there…)

These two apply to the current versions of Fritizng, most of the others are for older versions. As you will see making parts is a complex process, so while the above part was easy for me, it is less so for some one new to making parts (that is why I tend to make parts for people, it isn’t worth learning if you only need a part or two!)