Flipper Protoboard

Hi everybody,
I was wondering if there is a Protoboard for the flipper zero somewhere available or in the making? I searched the forum and “flipper” somehow did not bring any results. Google directed me back to this forum to a post from 2022 that shows some shapes. FlipperZero PCB Shaped
Those are pretty much the pcb boards im looking for, just missing the holes to put components on like a breadboard. As the flipper is not new anymore and great for tinkerers, i was surprized that there is not much to find…or maybe im too stupid to find it.
Does anyone know if there is a 3rd party creation part available somewhere, or if there is still some work in progress? I would try to create something, but im not good with creating stuff in inkscape and too new to fritzing to create a useable part. Would love to have a protoboard in fritzing to play around with the layout of different parts. Thanks for any help =)

There don’t appear to be any parts other than the listed outline files. If you want a board you would need to provide the outline of the board you want and the pin layout and connectors (as connector values don’t appear to be in the listed boards) and one would need to be made.


What is it exactly you’re looking for?

I made a few boards - gerbers downloadable here: https://github.com/IAmOrion/FlipperZeroStuff/tree/main/Gerber%20Files

I made the Board SVG you’ve linked, they’re also available on my github:

It sounds like you’re looking for a ready to make prototype board which my github has the gerbers for.

Let me know if that’s what you mean

what im exactly looking for is a “ready to to play with” part for fritzing or kicad, as im just not experienced enough in the software to create new parts. Just would like to have a protoboard in software with the holes already on it and the snap-on feature when you place parts on it. To play around with layout of parts on the protoboard and how to wire it best…really just to play around with, nothing serious. Dont plan get boards made in china, so i dont need the gerbers…but your svg files are already a good start for me to learn how to create new parts in fritzing. Thanks a lot for them! I just like to play around in cad software or fritzing for that matter…no real goal, just my version of video games =P. Sorry if i wasted your time with my stupid question/request.

The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask … We don’t mind getting and answering questions, that is how people learn. If you want to learn to make parts (which is quite complex) these two tutorials apply to current versions of Fritzing:

I lately learned there aren’t links to the videos in Old_Grey’s tutorial so you need to do a google search for the title and then they come up on YouTube.


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Thank you, I’ll read through the tuts and google the vids. I know that creating new parts isnt an easy task, esp as kinda newbie…thats why i was hoping a part would be already made by someone more talented then me. But this will be my next project i guess…maybe i can come up with something thats usefull for others aswell. Thanks again for the svg’s and the input. You guys are way nicer and helpfull then the peeps in other forums like arduino. Simple direct answer and no RTFM. Thank you.

I’d check the github repository first and see if it has what you need. Finding parts is much easier than making them. A quick look however says they aren’t parts just pcb and gerbers (i.e no breadboard files which in the protoboard case is the complex part.) You are likely better to have me make one for you, as proto boards are even more complex than normal parts. If you see the pcb outline of what you want it would be easy enough for me to turn that in to a full part.


If you would really donate your time to make a part, that would be feckin awesome…pardon my french. From the svg outline files the Large prototype board without mounting holes would be great. If its possible to copy&paste the bulkload of work to another svg then the middle and small version would also be nice to have, but if its much work for every single one then im super happy with the large version alone. Thank you so much for your help. Really appreciate it.

Flipper Zero Large Prototype Board NO MOUNTING HOLES

No need to apologies for asking a question, it wasn’t stupid at all, we all start somewhere, we all learn from others one way or another, so always feel free to ask questions

So, my files and the SVG were designed for the PCB part of Fritzing and would be used to create an actual PCB for the flipper zero in the most common shapes/designs seen out there. Sounds like what you want is to have a BREADBOARD version perhaps as Peter already mentioned?

I myself suck as making Fritzing parts, Peter has made a few for me and I’ve donated to the Fritzing Project what little I could spare as a token gesture of gratitude (never required, but I wanted to repay somehow and that was Peter’s suggestion at the time).

The PCB SVGs are just for the PCB shape then you would drop components where every you want withing the PCB shape, and make the wiring etc, but it is just that, a PCB shape/outline only.

Youre correct…im looking for a breadboard type of part that peter will maybe make. I’ll pay for the effords aswell…or donate to fritzing some more. Whatever fits peter best. Time/work/efford should always be rewarded in one way or the other, even if its just a coffee.

To be clear, you are looking for a board like this?

but without the mounting holes? I’d be inclined towards matching the real part (i.e. with the mounting holes.)


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yes…thats what im looking for. With mounting holes is ok aswell. Thank you very much =)

My SVGs were based on these so mounting holes should be correct as well as the outline of the pin locations etc. I’ve had mine made by JLCPCB and are great

There’s Adobe Illustrator files as well as SVGs for both with mounting holes and without if they’re of any help

Yes I used your svg as the base. I did need to rescale it however as it is dimensioned in px (as I think most AI svgs are) and thus is mis scaled in Inkscape.


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OK here is the large proto board part. Note that pcb is offset 0.05in (I think this is a Fritzing bug so I opened a case on it.) One workaround is to set the grid size to 0.05 in at which point you can move the part to achieve alignment.

flippper-large-protoboard.fzpz (17.2 KB)

now I will have a look at the other two sizes you wanted (with the big one done that should be relatively easy to achieve.)


The small version was easy (and pcb aligns correctly on this one!) so here it is

flippper-small-protoboard.fzpz (13.2 KB)

I can do the middle one, but I can’t see it listed on the flipper sites web pages to know what size it should be. If you have a reference I can undoubtably make one.


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Super Awesome! Thank you so much! You dont have to put more work into it, the big and small are good enough for me to play around. Let me know how i can pay you or what i can do for you. Great work. Much appreciated.

As usual a donation to Fritzing to fund development is the best answer for me. We all gain from funding development.


Will do…but how do i donate (preferable paypal)? The download button doesnt ask me for donation anymore and google leads me to shop/donate wich just said that the non profit doesnt exist anymore.

If you signout the donation page should come up on download (for me it comes up whether I’m signed in or not though!) Normally you need to use the download link provided in the receipt from the donation is needed to avoid the donation prompt.