Finding or making new parts

Hi all, I downloaded Fritzing a couple of days ago having looked around and decided to use Fritzing. My main reason currently is to layout circuits on Vero(strip)board. I have been doing it professionally for nigh on 50 years, but always ‘on the fly’. Some boards have been quite complicated. Anyway, I am trying to be a bit more ‘professional’ ! However I am really having a hard time to get a vertically mounted tantalum bead capacitor with 0.2" pin spacing. Which how almost all of them are made. I have found a 0.1" spaced one and ‘somehow’ got it into the parts bin. But, it is not the one I require. I thought I could generate one as I have CorelDraw and could make an svg file but that failed to work. So, my question is has anyone got one, and even better could someone tell me - simply - how to generate one? Many thanks Roy. p.s. sorry its so long.

While making parts is fairly complex, these two tutorials apply to current versions of Fritzing:

that said you are looking for top view parts (which are optimized for perfboard.) I have made some and Blue has made more. A search for top view in the forum should turn up all there are.