Extra libraries for Picaxe

Fritzing includes a basic library of components for Picaxe, does anyone know of other more complete libraries? for example for development and programming boards.

It doesn’t look like it (I have seen no new Picaxe parts in the 7 or 8 years I have been here) a google search of the form “fritzing part Picaxe” doesn’t turn up anything much either. If you have the datasheet or web site (with dimensions and pinouts) of what you want it is easy enough for me to make a part.


Thank you for your interest, in fact the parts are not recent, I only bought them a year ago and it would be very useful for me to concentrate the designs on Fritzing. Here are links to these parts of my interest:





I will look for some tutorials to start designing these libraries.

You may get discouraged when you see how complex it is, to that end here are a couple of tutorials that apply to the current version of Fritzing (many of the others are for older versions):

I lately learned there aren’t links to the videos in Old_Grey’s tutorial so you need to do a google search for the title and then they come up on YouTube. I’ll do the first one in a bit (I am currently making a part for someone else) and you can, if you like, use it as a base to try making the rest of them. We could use more people familiar with making parts, but finding them is being hard. You need to be familiar with a SVG editor (I use Inkscape which is open source and thus free, but Illustrator or CorelDraw will also work, Illustrator is a little difficult because it makes assumptions that don’t seem to be changeable about how the svg is laid out (some of which Fritzing objects to!) There are forum posts on what has worked for folks (Inskcape on the Mac is suboptimal due to being a X app for instance so you need to import the svg to parts editor the export it as Fritzing will change the svg to what it wants!) We are always happy to help people make good parts :slight_smile: . There used to be a handful of folks that could do it but is currently mostly down to me.


Here is the first part in the series.

PICAXE-28X2-Module.fzpz (11.4 KB)

If you download the .fzpz file and unzip it you will get


which are the files for the part. You can then try and modify them to make the other parts. You need to change all the file names, the moduleId and the family or Fritzing won’t load your new part as it will be already present. Hope this helps.


Hello Peter,
Good job you did with this part, it exceeds my expectations in the forum, for the promptness and quality, I am very grateful. I was late in responding so I started trying it and was caught by how wonderful it works.
I will upload a screenshot showing the PICAXE-28X2 Module AXE200 part recently designed by you, shown on a mini board. The LCD screen is not correct, it has 4 terminals, the Picaxe AXE133Y only uses 3 terminals, if you can make such a library it would be great.
I will be doing my first exercises to make one of the Picaxe libraries mentioned in this thread.

The correct LCD module for Picaxe, it would be incredible to have this library.
Budget Serial OLED Module (AXE133Y) - Hardware - PICAXE


This is an easy one, so here is a part. Pcb view is suppressed as not useful and there is a three pin servo type connector on wires (which appears to be what the unit has.)

PICAXE-AXE133Y.fzpz (5.9 KB)


Here is the next one in line pcb view is suppressed as not useful.

PICAXE-18-Standard-Project-Board.fzpz (14.7 KB)


Hello Peter,
This project board for Picaxe looks incredible.
Thank you so much.

Hello Peter,
How can I share an SVG file with you for this part (AXE003Y) and ask for your help to finish it?

Just upload the svg. The forum will display it as an image, but right clicking on it and clicking save image as will download it.


I almost have the PICAXE-AXE029-breadboard-adapter part done, but schematic is giving me trouble for a reason that I don’t understand yet.