ER-OLED024-2 OLED Display


Could somebody create this 7pin version OLED display as a fritzing part to be used in the PCB and schematics view?




Yes but I would need either the web site for top drawing or the rest of the pin numbers and functions to make a part. The data sheet covers the oled with a fmc cable not the interface pins. A quick web search doesn’t turn up the first drawing above.


Like this?

There is real website for the oled adapter board :frowning:

Yes that is enough information to make the part. This should do what you want.

er-oled024-2-oled-display.fzpz (5.5 KB)

Of note is the mounting holes in pcb are not drilled. If you want mounting holes (and text) you need to drag a hole from core/pcb in to the sketch, set the appropriate size and position it over the holes which are only in silkscreen.


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Thanks Peter, you rule like always.