Deneyap Mini fritzing parçası/part

Merhaba ,yerli üretimimiz Deneyap Mini kartı için yerli fritzing parçası oluşturdum :slight_smile: DENEYAP MİNİ.fzpz (29.2 KB)

A fair number of problems here. The first one is a Fritzing bug, your fzpz file needs to be renamed to DENEYAP MINI.fzpz from DENEYAP MİNİ.fzpz because Fritzing on Win10 english can’t load the fzpz file because it can’t correctly decode the unicode characters (which is a reported Fritzing bug!) Once that is done, breadboard is mostly ok except the pin alignment is slightly off, note the connecting wires are not quite vertical when connecting to the headers (not deadly but not correct either the yellow circled wire for example.) The wire (3.3V from the label) circled in red on the bottom is not connected to a connector in schematic.

schematic is more of a problem. The pink square indicates the connectors are not correct

routing them indicates they are disorginized (which isn’t necessarily a problem) and that pin 2 is not connected to any pin in schematic (and thus connects in the center of the part!) circled in red here. Note there are also several connections present that have no connection in breadboard and thus are likely wrong (I can’t find any documentation on the DENEYAP MINI online to identify what pins it has.)

pcb has similar problems, the red square again indicated undefined connectors.

again, pin 2 has no connection in pcb causing the red square (circled in red here) finds a number of other errors that don’t show up here as well. Most notably these

Error 74: File
‘svg.pcb.deneyap mini_d984197b31308f74e8b59be4cd120401_6_pcb.svg.bak’
At line 152

Connector connector15pad has no radius no hole will be generated

Error 74: File
‘svg.pcb.deneyap mini_d984197b31308f74e8b59be4cd120401_6_pcb.svg.bak’
At line 153

Connector connector16pad has no radius no hole will be generated

which indicate the pads in pcb are incorrectly specified and that no holes will be generated by geber processing making the board unusable. Hope this helps some. There are tutorials on part making (that apply to the current version of Fritzing) available here that may help some:

also feel free to ask for help here. Always happy to help people make new parts.