Custom copper logo not displaying in fab


I have a custom copper logo in my PCB design, but when I upload it to , the logo displays as a blank block.


Does anyone know what the issue might be? I have contacted AISLER and they told me to ask here in the forum.


Can you upload the file or project so we can take a look at it?

Sure, here it is:

titos_v2.fzz (41.1 KB)

I have tried uploading in fab both a copper image and a silkscreen image and got the same output in the preview.


How did you create you copper logo? I create exposed copper artwork on my pcbs all the time and to do it I start with a test point and change the SVG to image I want. The function in Fritzing for copper artwork just makes it in the copper but under the solder resist. My best guess as to why Aisler is not rendering yours as either exposed or covered copper is likely to be related to your SVG having open paths which can result in the infill leaking and filling the entire image area. It could also be that your SVG has other issues but either way I would say it is your SVG. I am attaching an SVG I know works here for you to test. Just replace your image with this one and see if Aisler renders it correctly.


I actually used adobe illustrator to create the logo, all from scratch. I just modified the source of the copper image. I have tested your svg image and it renders perfectly in the lab’s preview:


I actually had some open paths in my svg image but I closed them, so maybe it’s another problem with my file. Do you know if there’s any tool to check for possible issues of my logo?


No but if you upload the SVG by itself I will have a look at it (I can’t extract it from the sketch).

You should note that Fritzing SVGs have to comply to SVG Tiny1.2 standards so it may be possible your SVG has elements in it that Fritzings does not like. It may also be that some of your paths need to be simplified or they are objects that need to be converted to paths.

That would be great if you can take a look at it!

I wasn’t actually saving it in Tiny1.2 - but I tried now to save it that way and it was complaining about the transparency (and that it was not able to save it).



It was easy to fix.
I opened it in Inkscape and found extra groups in the xml.

I deleted those.

Saved it as a plain svg and then changed the graphic in your sketch and tried it with Ailser.
Screenshot from 2018-02-13 10:52:37

I also changed the entire group to black as Fritzing doesn’t care about the color used.

EDIT: Opps I forgot to upload the fixed image.

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@segfault, Oops, sorry about that, It is the PCB profile that needs to be a single path, not the logo…

Wow, thank you SO MUCH!

I will definitively use your fixing solution in the future! One last thing, why does the eyes appear white? Is it because the system detects them as a pinhole?


No problem, thanks a lot for your time!

It sees any circles as holes. You need to convert the circle to a path. In Inkscape you select the circle and go to path/object to path and that changes it to a path from a circle.

You can see the xml data changes when you do object to path.

Fixed file.

Screenshot from 2018-02-13 11:48:01

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Thank you so much again ! You have made my day!


How about this for a bonus.

I took your picture and changed the id of the group from g113 to copper1 for the bottom layer or copper0 for the top layer. Or you can put copper1 inside of a group called copper 0 and it will work for both layers.

I then resized your image to 12.7mm wide as that was the size of the picture on the pcb and saved it as a plain svg.

After that I opened one of my existing bare copper parts based on a test point in the Fritzing parts editor and changed the images to this new image and assigned the right eye as the connection point (you have to hold down shift and scroll over the eye after clicking assign pin to choice the eye which is below the other parts of the image). Then it was just changing the meta data and saving as a new part. I then export the part for you. If you want to make other ones just change the svg in the parts editor.

Then you place the part on your sketch (you may need to disable align to grid in the view menu to get it where you want it). If you have the pcb made by Aisler you will get gold a gold plated image.

Screenshot from 2018-02-13 12:44:39

Edit the image appears to be reversed. I will update this post when I figure out why.

EDIT 2: I figured out why it was reversed. copper0 is the top layer and copper1 in the bottom layer and if copper1 is inside copper0 it is universal. I have updated the instructions to reflect this.

EDIT 3: Here is the updated part that works for both sides.
Titos.fzpz (41.1 KB)

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Thanks again for the tips and fixing the project!

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