Creating Generic Halogen Lapm


I tried to stick to this tutorial to create a part for a generic Halogen lamp with G4 socket.

Now, testing that part, I can’t connect a wire to the legs in the breadboard view. But it was no problem at all to select the legs as connectors in the new part editor.

The file is attached and any help is welcome.

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Halogen Lamp G4.fzpz (8.8 KB)

You started from a bendable leg part which won’t work here (and which parts editor can’t correct.) You need to edit the .fzp file and change this

	  <p terminalId="connector0terminal" legId="connector0leg" layer="breadboard" svgId="connector0pin"/>


	  <p terminalId="connector0terminal" layer="breadboard" svgId="connector0pin"/>

to match the svg. These 2 tutorials may be a better bet:


that worked like a charm!