Bug in PCB view of relay DS2Y-S-DC5V, a core part

The current part DS2Y-S-DC5V results in very small holes in the PCB (I am running version 0.9.3).

The attached file is exactly the same as that in the core, except for the modified PCB view.

I hope this helps!
DS2Y-5-DC5V.fzpz (12.9 KB)

Welcome aboard! Be lazy and always do a google search before fixing parts. This part has more errors than just the holes, and I did a fixed version some time back available here (but it appears I missed the hole size error so I will correct that in the original post!)


Thanks! And good to know you’ll look into it.

The SVG file I added is a lot simpler than the original. Holes are in the right position in both files; mine just has larger holes.

…and yes, I will google for parts next time.

The delay with the update is because I discovered schematic on the original part is also wrong. I have updated the part in the original post with what I hope is a correct part. If you have one of these relays please check the new part to make sure it matches a real part! As well in case you haven’t seen them these two tutorials on making parts apply to the current Fritzing version (many of the rest are for older Fritzing versions) as people that can make parts are always welcome!


The schematic is correct: The schematic shown in the datasheet (https://docs.rs-online.com/eeda/0900766b8162d61f.pdf) is seen from the bottom. The schematic in the Fritzing part is from the top. Except for the fact that the bobbin does have (+) and (-) markings, the relay is otherwise symmetrical. The (+) and (-) signs are in the correct terminals in Fritzing.
I plan to use an equivalent part (or so I hope): Omron’s G6A-234P-ST-US 5DC. It has the same schema, same footprint. Making this new part for Fritzing should be a question of changing the Breadboard view and the icon, I guess.
I confirm that the holes of PCB I had built are in the right locations. It is just that they are too small.
Thanks for the tutorials!

I saw that the data sheet is from the bottom and assume that is what confused the original part maker, but in the core part pin1 in breadboard on the relay (coil) connects to pin9 the NO contact pin in schematic not the coil on pin 1. PCB is correct pin1 in breadboard connects to pin1 on the footprint. So as far as I can see (not having one of the relays) schematic in the original is wrong.