12V Lead Battery

Hello Fellow Fritzers (if you don’t mind us being called that),

I am on the hunt for a 12V Lead battery to add into my Fritzing diagram. Does anyone know of an existing part that fits this category? Please see this link for the exact part I have, but obviously it doesn’t have to be that specific. I’d rather have one part than multiple battery packs connected in my diagram. Any help would be appreciated!

Sorry for the late reply, I saw this but was busy with other things. While there isn’t yet a 12 V battery, I think that the lipo-2000ma part from sparkfun in core parts will serve your purpose. If you wish I can create a new part and change the breadboard labels to indicate 12v rather than the current 3.7 or you can just use it as is.


I apologize for the late response. My Fritzing emails keep ending up in spam (have to fix that). I ended up just putting a 9V and specifying that it should be 12. For my purposes that should work just fine. Thanks!

Hi @vanepp I’m in need of 12V DC battery part. Could you please make me one that I can use for a school project. I want my diagram and connections to look good. Please let me know if you can make that



Sure I can make one, but I need a data sheet for the battery to know what it looks like since there are a large variety of them.


here is the one I’m using but I guess it’s going to look a bit large which I don’t like on the diagram. Please is you make it could you make it smaller a little bit than it should be

here it is : https://www.walmart.com/ip/husqvarna-yth2448-lawn-tractor-battery-12v-35ah-deep-cycle-u1/199430333
another link for the same battery: https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Battery-12V-35AH-Chrome/dp/B0147BEAXK

Name of it: husqvarna yth2448 lawn tractor battery 12v 35ah

OK here are two copies. The real deal, 12V-battery with breadboard life size, and 12V-battery-mini with breadboard around 1/4 size. Breadboard is less than perfect as I am not a graphic artist. Perspective is wrong at least and it isn’t all that detailed, if there is a graphic artist out there, a fix up would be appreciated, a fixup in Inkscape with a log of what you did and how, to educate the ignorant would be awesome! Schematic and pcb are identical in both parts, only the fzp file and breadboard change. PCB has pads that should accommodate 14GA wire (the holes are 0.07in) as these things will provide a lot of current potentially and the board needs to be able to deal with it.

12V-battery.fzpz (4.9 KB)

12V-battery-mini.fzpz (5.0 KB)

and the pair of them side by side in breadboard: