Your Cee Mini 360 DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module

Step-down module from alliexpress


@konikvranik Has this part been released? I can’t find it :frowning:

It might be a part that is no longer being offered. The companies and names change a lot on aliexpress.

It’s here in this forum, did you search for it? :slightly_smiling_face:

I did search for it. That is how I found this post at first.
Maybe used the wrong keywords, as I only found other buck converters mini dc-dc step down modules.
If you happen to have the link, I’d be grateful if you could post it in this thread.

The parts you are referring too are not the same as the one in the first post of this thread. That’s what I meant. There are plenty parts for Buck converters, but not for this one :frowning:

The original post is not good because you can’t actually tell what that part is from that svg, and there is no link to it, so the best anyone can do match a few words in the title. It’s kind-of up to the person to be specific.

Basically people put a lot of time making parts for people on the forum, ie Vanepp, for no $, so to help them they need exact links to the part and a technical drawing. I’m not good at making parts so it takes me a long time, and the number of times I’ve searched for a part based on words, spent half a day making them, and then the poster telling us it’s the wrong part, has been too many. Sorry to go on :slightly_smiling_face:

If you only need the BB of that part, and that is the right svg, you can edit a 4 pin header and sub that svg for the BB, and then save it as a new part.

If I would have requested this part, I would have provided that information and a link to a source where to buy it. :wink:

A big “Thank you” to all the people who spend their spare time for the community (or any other community)!

For now I worked with a simple pinheader :slight_smile: IF I make the part, I’ll provide it here.

Thanks @Old_Grey

If that svg is the part I can put it on a 4 pin header, it’s just that I know nothing about the part, ie, dimensions etc, so can’t draw the SCH or PCB view so you will just see a 4 pin header in those views. If you want to do it just right-click on the 4 pin header, Edit part, BB view, and load that svg. Then just assign pins and save as new part.