Where I can find the Nema 23 with The same Color coding

Hello All,
Sorry if it looks like a beginner questions
But I need some help finding the following Parts
Microstep driver DM556
And the Nema 23 23HS9442 Stepper
a 24voltage power supply (any) and
Linear Actuator HY01-12-A1-355-250 12vDC 250mm stroke length

Sorry for the long post


In general a good place to start is a google search of the form “fritzing part DM556”
This may be close enough (it looks to be as close as there currently is!)

this may or may not do for the stepper (there is also a stepper in core parts)

the power supply may be here

A linear actuator is here (There are two, one with the addition of a pot and I think a third somewhere)