Nema 23 Step Motor

ı need nema 23 fzpz fıles for circiut drawing

Welcome aboard, will one of the parts in this post do what you want?

If not, then you would need to provide a data sheet for the motor you need.


I read that article and it did not help me. What should I do?

As the bottom line of the post suggested, then you need to provide a data sheet (which provides mechanical data for the motor you have) so we could make a new part if needed for some reason. That said, stepper motors are pretty generic and one of the fzpz files in the post above should be close enough, but without data about what you want we can’t tell (nor do anything!)

edit: are you aware that the .fzpz files in the post are Fritzing parts (I just assume everyone knows that)? If you download one of the .fzpz files such as


and load it in to Fritzing via File->open->Stepper-Motor-8-wire-57hs22.fzpz a part for a nema23 stepper motor will appear in your mine parts bin ready for use. Otherwise as noted I would need the data sheet for the motor you are using to see what the differences are.