I need a power supply

Hi there,

I need this power supply pins for pcb.

The pin diagram is here

Please can anyone give this? I have not found anything (design)compatible for this. Please anyone help

There is a generic one here:

For this part pcb needs to change some. The above drawing is missing which pins are the AC side and which the DC (which matters!) With that the change is relatively trivial.


Sorry for not mentioning Ac Dc. Left 2 pins ac and right are DC

This should do the job, as always verify the pcb footprint before ordering boards:

edit: reloaded a corrected part!

generic-ac-power-supply-2.fzpz (5.2 KB)


Footprints are good. Everything is fine except DC output pin label. Actually it is my mistake that I did not mention the pins in my drawing. So my apology. Just change the Dc output pin label as my image with the reply. the terminals of positive and negative will just swap between them.

in details what to change:schematic , pcb , breadboard view Dc pin

And thanks for all the support.

At some point I knew that, I just screwed up in a variety of places. The pin labels in the fzp reflect the drawing above, but the pins in the 3 views did not. I replaced the part above with a corrected one where I think all the pins and labels when you hover over a pin now match the actual part.