What To Do If Can't Find Part - A Simple Solution

… mostly for Noob’s…

A simple solution for when there is no part or can’t find the one you want:

Example, you want a “Watch” part

  1. Create a drawing in your favorite drawing app

    • use black for color
    • try to (approx) size it for actual part
    • Save as .SVG
  2. Drag a ‘Pin’ part onto the PCB

  3. Drag the ‘Silkscreen Image’ part onto the PCB

  4. Load your drawing into the Image

• Resize as needed
• Note: There’s a ‘check box’ to toggle for Aspect Ratio
(it’s too small on my display to see it - look at the cursor in video to see where it is - I had to fuss around to click it )
• The image is now part of the Silkscreen