Vacuum tube sockets Layout

Is there anyone out here on the Forum who already made PCB layouts for vacuum tube sockets?
Looked into “core parts” and “connection” but could not find a clue there.
I know I can spent time to make them myself but if someone has already done this…….
I am looking for the 9 pins Noval socket and the 7 pins miniature socket.
Then I can add these to my component library.

Thanks in advance.

A google search for “fritzing part 9 pins Noval socket” turns up someone looking for one in 2018, but no part, so I would guess there isn’t one yet. If you need help making the part, feel free to post.


A late thought: someone a couple of years ago made Nixie tube parts, they should have a similar (but probably not exact, likely 11 pins I think) layout. Actually 14 pins when I searched for it:


Great! Thanks for the responses. Will have a look into nixies and perhaps I will try to design something myself using this nixie stuff.
Much appreciated!